The following are real testimonials from current and past clients that have been through our offices. We value our patients and it gives us great joy that we are able to help everyone who walks through our doors. Visit us today and turn into a success story!

“I would like to thank the friendly and professional staff at Pro Health Wellness Center. Diego and his staff provided great care treating the sciatic nerve pain in my back and leg. After struggling with the pain for a month, I finally went to Pro Health. With just the first treatment I could tell a significant difference in the pain level, and it continued to get better with each one after. I would highly recommend anyone to Pro Health.

               Dana G. Calhoun, GA



“I was having shoulder problems and my doctor gave me a Cortisone Shot. The shot was worse than the actual shoulder pain. After a week of continued pain, I came here and saw Diego. He worked my shoulder and gave me exercises to do. After a few weeks of continued treatments and exercises, I had full use of my shoulder and full range of motion.

Shoulder pain = SUCCESS!

Back pain = SUCCESS!

Foot pain = SUCCESS!”



             Inez O. Calhoun GA



“Why I came? I had fallen down a few times and I had gone to the doctor, chiropractor, and gotten massages but did not help. So I came here. My experience had been awesome. The great healing hands working on my body had made my body feel twenty years younger. I am working out more (2 miles a day) and I do my workouts much better. I am also dancing more. My body is fun and enjoyable now.

Thanks again! For your God healing hands.”


           Dean H. Calhoun GA



“I had lost mobility in my left elbow due to a work injury 9+ years ago. My personal Physician recommended Diego of Pro Health take a look at it before we considered surgery. Ten visits later I am now able to do things I had given up on. I can straighten my arm and am able to wash my neck with my left arm, something I have not been able to do in a few years. My hat is off to the staff and Diego.

Thank You!”



         Stacie H. Calhoun GA

“When I first came to Pro Health, I had a terrible pinched nerve in my left shoulder blade and my neck was super stiff. After several visits, and being educated on proper stretch exercises, I can say that I am pretty much 100% better! I am very thankful that someone recommended Pro Health to me! I would and have done the same to many of my friends. This place is great. Thank you for making it a very laid back/peaceful atmosphere.”


— Glen C.



“I pulled my right calf muscle on a long hike and came in limping. With massage and exercise homework I was able to complete a 15 mile hike three weeks later without any pain. That would not have been possible without proper therapy.

— Tim C.
“Diego is a very knowledgeable professional. I can highly recommend him, because I have been greatly helped by his talent and I know that there are many people out there that can and should benefit from Diego’s talent.
— Patricia M.